Friday, May 18, 2018

Made in Malaysia but....

"My parents could not afford to send me to college, much less the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), but this great American educational institution took a chance on me, by giving me a scholarship to pursue the American dream," said Tan Hock Eng.

Who is Tan Hock Eng?.  Penang born, Hock Eng, is currently the highest-paid Chief Executive Officer in America, according to The Wall Street Journal.

 Tan, who heads Broadcom, an international supplier of semiconductor technologies,  made a US$103.2 million (RM406.9 million) last year – that is about 2,039 times more than the average US worker!.
Malaysia spends about RM60 billion a year on education. 

 Sadly, much of that budget invested into growing our young minds is lost to the brain drain. Today’s world is characterised by international mobility and our brightest will not pursue their dreams in a country where opportunities are not given to the most able, but by race or relationship.

The pursuit of good education must be colour blind. The Government of the day, should implement a system where the brightest minds, are given the opportunity to develop themselves to their fullest potential.

Simultaneously, implement a quota system, which is not based on race but rather  on the disposable income of a family to enable social mobility by allowing them to pursue a higher education in local or in universities abroad.

Let’s just not be made in Malaysia, let’s show the world, that once we get our act together, there is no stopping the Malaysian Dream

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