Wednesday, May 2, 2018


Come May 9, Malaysians who are eligible to vote, will be casting their constitutional rights. As an educationist, what fascinates me about the whole election process is the aspect of equality. 

In  my school, we have a policy, where no child is left behind. I can see the same spirit in the spirit of the election itself.
No man is above the other. All are equal in terms of the law. You can be a billionaire or a pauper. You may contribute millions to the political party of your choice or you may have contributed nothing at all. All things, being equal. We all have only one vote.

So make your vote count. Vote in peace. Vote for the dark blue, light blue or the green. It is your choice to make. Our collective choice is to ensure that the voting is done in peace, and the will of the majority is respected.  

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