Thursday, May 10, 2018

A Fairview For Malaysia

49 Years ago, this nation was soaked with bloodshed and hatred. A young Lim Kit Siang, was almost everything, that defined an angry Chinese men. A young Dr Mahathir Mohammed, was everything that defined an angry Malay youth.

Fast forward, 49 years, and we have an aging Lim Kit Siang and Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammed, standing together,  saying let's do this for Malaysia.
We can never erase what happened on May 13, 1969. But on the night of May 9 2018, we  buried these ghosts. Yes, we are an educated nation, and have always been one. But today we are a united nation.

This is not a DAP victory, a PH victory or even a BN defeat. This is a victory for Malaysia, secured by Malaysians. We can now dare to dream, as a nation.

 In Mahathir Mohammed, we have a 92 year old who has been called a racist, a dictator, a pharaoh. Whatever he was, is a matter for history to decide and debate.

Because, today, just days short of May 13, Mahathir Mohammed is the undisputed father of a new Malaysia.

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