Thursday, April 19, 2018

Bon Voyage

For most teenage students, going abroad to study is the ultimate experience. Finally, free from the watching eyes of their parents. I can resonate with that feeling as I too had studied abroad, in Manchester.

With the freedom, though comes responsibility, and with that maturity. Malaysians, naturally take many different paths to reach their university destination abroad.

Some of them do it via the NCUK international foundation year, which is the speediest foundation year in the market place. The NCUK is a six months, foundation year programme, which gurantees students a place in one of  the 12 member of universities in the United Kingdom.

Those using, this path, can also make their way to universities in Ireland, New Zealand and Australia.  Most students, prefer the NCUK, because it offers them a guaranteed access to some 12 universities in the UK, once, they pass their foundation course.

The safety net factor has seen more than 4,000 Malaysians rush into this foundation course.
Then, we have the international baccalaureate diploma programme (IBDP), often described as a challenging programme.

 I have some experience, running the IBDP at Fairview International School. I can tell you, that this programme   is for those who are looking to go to the top universities in the world, for those who are willing to challenge themselves to be all they can be.

The IBDP is indeed the “A team” of all foundation year programmes, as it develops the same knowledge depth as the toughest or pre-university programmes and couples this with advanced university level skills that are all put together in the examinations. 

To put it plainly, this is not a programme, in which you can memorise yourself to success.  This programme has spunk!!.

The IBDP, though is not the only route to a university abroad. They are thousands of twinning programmes in Malaysia, which could also help you, to someday study abroad in a foreign university. Each pathway, have their plus and minus points. At the end of the day, you have to settle for what fits you, only then saying bon voyage, will be worth the time and effort spend.

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