Wednesday, April 18, 2018

8 mile

Is a 2002 American  hip hop drama film, which won  Eminem an academy award. The film is based loosely on Eminem's actual upbringing, and follows white rapper B-Rabbit (Eminem) and his attempt to launch a career in a genre dominated by African-Americans. 

Odd as it, may seem, I found myself in the same situation as Eminem on August 2009, when I joined Fairview International School. Here, I was in an international school, which was and still is facing the same set of prejudices, faced by the rapper B-Rabbit.

How do we break stereotypes? International Schools been dominated by owners from Western Europe and the United States. The teachers meanwhile were often always native English speakers, with Asians slid in between, for the schools to have an international outlook.

 Today, the prejudice still continues; even though, the test scores show that, students at Fairview, outperform the global averages. Take for example, our international baccalaureate diploma average score of 35.5 points, equivalent to four A*s in the A levels.
Yes, it’s a good school, and having watched 8 mile several times, I have come to realise, there is nothing wrong in being white, yellow, brown, black or even green. Each face their own demons. 

At Fairview, everyday, I know, that I am in a race   to breakdown these walls, to ensure that everyone regardless of race will access a quality of education that doesn’t prioritise to the current political, national or social agendas present in our world today. Perhaps my tenth mile is to provide an educational opportunity that is accessible to all, that is blind to colour.

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