Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Taxman. Exodus

The taxman is back in town, so come July, this year, Malaysians will be “blessed”, with more taxes.
This time around, it will be the tourism tax. Set between RM2.50 to RM20, the tax will raise more than RM640 million a year for our government to invest into our growing tourism industry.

However, unlike the health tourism industry, which, estimates at US$45 billion a year globally, very little attention has been paid to educational tourism.
Malaysia can easily capitalise on the growing education market by developing practical links to curriculum.
According to a report by the World economic forum, Malaysia, which ranks well at 26th in Tourist competitiveness, could benefit from increased investment into our cultural resources.
From activity stands at KL towers teaching children about geometry to botanical programmes at the forest reserves and engineering taster programmes for kids at Proton, these are cheap investments that stand to create incredible value educationally, socially and financially.
Investing into relationships through Public Private Partnerships, the industry could collaborate with schools so that everyone’s needs are met.
Schools get ample opportunities to bring learning outside the classroom and the tourism sector gets a steady reliable long term customer.
It’s imperative that every child experiences the richness Malaysia has to offer and we can do better.
Lets invest in OUR heritage so that OUR children learn to love OUR Malaysian culture.
We can do that, with a little help from our friend, the taxman .

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