Monday, May 15, 2017

We Have Been Having This Experience Since

Believe it or not, Malaysia’s​ public education system, has not changed much since 1816, when Penang Free School opened its doors to the public.
Students today still sit in classrooms with pencils and pads of paper, writing what teachers tell them to, while their counter parts in South Korea and Singapore are happily using their IPAD’s to explore the world from their classrooms.

These countries are using technology in their education system.
As a result, they have been outperforming, Malaysia in science, math and reading scores.
For example, Singapore, which took first place in the Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) education quality rankings, provides laptops for public school students.
Malaysia, sad to say, came in at a dismal 52nd position out of 76 ranked countries on the Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development’s education quality list.
The gap between our public education system and that of Singapore is widening by the day.
No doubt, private international schools , such as Fairview International School, where I am principal, have embraced information technology.
We are not far behind our Singaporean or South Korean counterparts, when it comes to using information technology in the classroom.
But one school or even a legion of private International schools, will not be able to make a difference.
We need, the public schools to play catch up to the age of digitalisation.
By doing so, not only will it improve the quality of education in the public schools, but it will also, help weed out *the weaker* international schools, who merely are propping up to cater for the increasing demands.
More often then not, the general public are prone to having this Impression, that if you have the money, then you can study in an international school.
In the top private international schools, such as in Fairview, we actually, have stringent entry requirements.
We accept, students who, we believe have the correct attitude and aptitude to absorb the requirements of the 21st century learning process.
For every Fairview, there may be dozens, who might just take your money, providing you with the miss guided conception that your child is getting a quality education.
This needs to be stopped!!!.

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