Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Native Speaker

Have you ever wondered why some international schools in Malaysia, are charging you a bomb, on the basis of having a large based English language native speakers.
Chang Rae Lee’s 1995 award winning best seller Native Speaker, gives us the impression that, “a native speaker is a knowledge, anyone can acquire, if they put their minds to it”.

But, how relevant is the “native speaker” premium these days, with advancement in technology, shaping the world into a border less one.
The BBC has this interesting article on how people from as far as India and Africa, have tapped into a lucrative business of writting thesis on behalf of these so called “native speakers”.
Mind you, these thesis for hire are making its way into some of the most prestigious universities in the United Kingdom.
The irony here, is these intellectual papers are being written by people, who claim that they are unable to get a teaching job because they are not native speakers.
If you wish to read more on this matter, here is the BBC link :

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