Saturday, May 20, 2017

Say Yes To Sex

Say yes to sex education by supporting the Education Minstry’s #talknowprotectalways campaign.
In an international baccalaureate environment, sex education is brought to the classroom in many forms, be it by having two way discussions and forums with our students on puberty, on how the human body evolves to respecting others right to say NO.

Sex education, is something which has been lacking in our Education curricular, hence it’s indeed pleasing to read this Malaysian Digest report. Read below :
KUALA LUMPUR: Whether sexual education ought to be introduced into our school curriculum or not has long been debated amongst both teachers and parents alike.
But the Deputy Education Minister Senator Datuk Chong Sin Woon has highlighted that research has revealed that structured, age-appropriate and culturally-relevant learning on sexual and reproductive health education will not encourage kids to experiment, but instead will guide them towards making responsible choices and informed decisions.
“In a day where inaccurate and misguided information on sex are easily accessed and widely available on the Internet, we cannot afford to stay silent any longer,” the minister said at the launch of #TalkNowProtectAlways Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) Awareness Campaign by Durex Malaysia last Thursday.
“We need to recognise the importance of sexual and reproductive health knowledge, be it through formal education channels such as school or informal ones such as those received at home, and the benefits it has in keeping our loved ones and community protected for the long-term.”
On that note, the MCA Youth Chief highlighted that the ministry is studying how they can better incorporate sex education into schools as he personally agreed that the education system should move forward for a more open and well-informed syllabus.

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