Thursday, May 11, 2017

Education, Budget, What’s Next

Why is it, we always need an outsider to tell us that perhaps we have not gotten of perspectives in order. There was hardly a whimper made  at 2017 budget, where funding for the higher education ministry was cut to  RM6.117 billion from the RM7.57 billion allocated in the 2016 budget.

Prof Patrick Ziegenhain, a visiting professor at Universiti Malaya’s (UM) Asia-Europe Institute, seems to have been able to bring this budget cut issue to the main stream attention, when he said a fortnight ago that it is not right for Malaysia to cut its education budget, when her neighbours are doing exactly the opposite.
It will be very interesting to see, what will happen when the 2018 budget is announced in the last quarter of the year. For, me personally, education is in an investment, that should not be measured in dollars and cents. Its an investment into the future.
The key to a good investment in education is affordability and quality. More often than not, these days, parents end up paying for the facilities available at a school, rather than the quality of the education.

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