Thursday, May 11, 2017

A Beautiful Mind

As a nation, our education system have created a workforce, which has turned Malaysia, into among the top original equipment manufacturers in the world.
We assemble some of the best Samsung televisions in the world. We have become very good at taking instructions, following specifications, to the extend, we have failed to become innovators, we have failed to become the next South Korea, Japan or even Taiwan.

What we lack are beautiful minds, minds that are able to think out of the box.
In Fairview International School Kuala Lumpur, where I am principal, we have a class for the IB Diploma Programme called the theory of knowledge, where students learn that all arguments are valid, on the basis of a well balanced discourse as opposed to “winning a debate”.
In my opinion, in our small way, Fairview International School is creating a new generation of thinkers that has no prejudice against race or religion.
This is how our education system should evolve into, if we are to step up the ladder and become a nation of innovators, instead of what we are today.

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